"Scandals from the New Testament"

By David Instone -Brewer (a series of articles in Christianity, 2009)

The morals of a society is marked at the place where they perceive a scandal has occurred. By studying scandals in the NT and the NT world, we get a very clear picture of NT morals.


Peter M. Head said...

How many sandals have survived from the first century anyway?

David IB said...

So far I've written on the NT Scandal of...
.. Jesus' Parentage - everyone knew he was conceived outside of marriage
.. Jesus' Singleness - all Jews were commanded to marry
.. Provocative Fashions - women's head-dress was a matter of morality
.. Rebellious Teenagers - fathers were legally responsible for punishing
.. Educated Women - only high-class prostitutes had a good education
.. Gender Equality - men were oikedespotes outside the house, and women inside

David IB

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