‘Scribal Behaviour and Theological Tendencies in Singular Readings in P. Bodmer II (P66) ’

By Peter M. Head, in Textual Variation: Theological and Social Tendencies? The Fifth Birmingham Colloquium on New Testament Textual Criticism (eds H.A.G. Houghton & D.C. Parker; Texts and Studies, Third Series; Gorgias Press, 2008), 55-74.

This is important. P66 is a careless Christian scribe. If Christian scribes were involved in 'orthodox corruption' of the text of the NT on a significant scale we might expect this to appear in the singular readings of such a careless Christian scribe. But they do not. There is no evidence for particular theological tendencies in the singular readings of P66. Spells the beginning of the end for Bart Ehrman.

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