The True Profession of the Gospel: Augustus Toplady and Reclaiming our Reformed Foundations

By Lee Gatiss (Latimer Trust, 2010)
At every Coronation for over three hundred years, British Monarchs have promised to maintain, "the true profession of the gospel... the Protestant Reformed religion." At a time when many Evangelicals and Anglicans are questioning their theology and re-thinking their identity, it is more important than ever for us to remember this gospel of sovereign grace.
This book shows how God has used the Reformed gospel of "grace alone" to revitalise churches riddled with immorality and flagging in meaning and purpose. With a focus on hymn-writer and theologian Augustus Toplady, it retells the story of Reformation and Revival for a new generation looking to draw strength from its roots.
Tyndalers helped to choose the cover during coffee one day!

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