Exploring the New Testament, volume 1: The Gospels and Acts (revised edn)

By: David Wenham & Steve Walton, (2nd edn; London: SPCK/Downers Grove: IVP, 2011).

A revised edition of a well-used NT introduction which enables student to engage with the NT texts for themselves, rather than telling them lots about the NT and failing to get them to read the NT itself. Bibliographies have been updated throughout, and new material introduced to expand in areas where discussion has moved on in the ten years since the first volume, e.g. the Gospels as eyewitness testimony, apocryphal gospels. A new feature 'Thinking about Theology' provides short essays on key theological features of the five NT books studied. Volume 2, by Howard Marshall, Stephen Travis and Ian Paul, covering the Epistles and Revelation, is also published in a revised edition.

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