Preachers, Pastors, and Ambassadors: Puritan Wisdom for Today's Church

Edited By: Lee Gatiss  (London: Latimer Trust, 2011). Available from .

Puritan ministers saw themselves as ambassadors for God, called to proclaim his word and shepherd his people. They sought to pastor and lead people through the word clearly preached and the sacraments rightly administered, and by means of
a godly church discipline. In this second compilation of recent St. Antholin lectures (from the years 2001-2010), we see and hear the Puritans in action, and are encouraged to apply their godly wisdom in our own day.

The compilation begins with a brand new introduction by Lee Gatiss (currently working at Tyndale House on 17th century biblical interpretation). In this, he looks at a clever but failed plot by the Puritans to take over the Church of England in the early 17th century.  He also contributed a later chapter on John Owen’s doctrine of infant baptism and infant salvation, called From Life’s First Cry.

Other contributions include:

Peter Adam

Word and Spirit: The Puritan-Quaker Debate
Wallace Benn
Usher on Bishops: A Reforming Ecclesiology
Peter Ackroyd
Strangers to Correction: Christian Discipline and the English Reformation
David Field
"Decalogue Dod" and his Seventeenth Century Bestseller
Chad B Van Dixhoorn
A Puritan Theology of Preaching
Peter Adam
"To bring men to heaven by preaching": John Donne's Evangelistic Sermons
Tony Baker
1807-2007 John Newton and the Twenty-first Century
Andrew Atherstone
Evangelical Mission and Anglican Church Order: Charles Simeon Reconsidered
David Holloway
Re-establishing the Christian Faith: and the Public Theology Deficit

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